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LIn this section, we will select texts with important themes that are conducive to study and reflection.

The Difficult Task of Being an Adolescent Today

Lucia Moyses Spiritist Magazine Issue 23 – April 2020 Federación Espirita Española   When we see so many scientific and technological advances that surprise us every day, we think: It is the law of progress that materializes before our eyes.

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Message from Children to Men

You have built palaces that amaze the Earth; however, if you let me out in the open because I lack the resources to pay for lodging, it is possible that the cold night will freeze me. You multiplied storehouses of

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The Mystery of Being – J. Herculano Pires

Book “Spiritist Pedagogy” – J. Herculano Pires Education depends on the lesser or greater knowledge that the educator has of himself. Because knowing yourself is the first step of knowing human beings. The Humanity is only one. The human being,

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With great care, we prepare videos with important information for the continuing education of the educator.


In this special section, we will see wonderful examples that will inspire our grand task.

Inspiring Personalities

Dedicated educators here offer us fundamental contributions for our better qualification.

Allan Kardec (1804 – 1869)

Together we will learn a little more about the history of Allan Kardec, from his days as an educator to his fundamental contribution to spiritistic codification. Allan Kardec (pseudonym of Hippolyte Léon
Denizard Rivail, was a French translator, teacher, philosopher and writer, considered the founder, along with the spirits, of Spiritism.

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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827)

JOHANN HEINRICH PESTALOZZI (1746-1827) Pestalozzi’s name is often cited, but few today know and read his work in depth and the great contribution he made to modern pedagogy, as its father. He was above all a magnificent thinker, one of

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