“Let us unite, the task is for all of us. Only unity provides us with the strength to carry out our duties, bringing fraternity as a motto and humility as a guarantee of success.”

Bezerra de Menezes
(Message received through medium Julio Cezar Grandi Ribeiro, in public meeting on 08/02/1982 at Casa Espírita Cristã – Vila Velha – ES – Brazil)


Claudia Werdine


Daniane Bornea Friedl


Juliana Lazzari


Onintza Ereña


Liliana Rueda


Valle Garcia


Cristina Matos


Arlete Läenzlinger

Who we are?

We are Spiritist Educators who know the importance of education for the spiritual transformation of humanity and are aware of the parent’s and educator’s needs. In order to make this process possible, we decided to create this Virtual Support Group seeking  to serve, in a broad way and in the light of Spiritist teachings, the primordial needs of children and youth to promote philosophical knowledge, moral improvement, and opportunities for social transformation, by doing   good, as well as investing in the quality of family relationships the primary cell of society.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is based on the convergence of joint efforts and actions to reach the objectives of promoting the study of the practice and dissemination of the Spiritist Teachings to children, young people and families.

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