How many discoveries childhood holds, a period that goes from birth to adolescence. Although short, this is a very important stage for learning that will take a lifetime.


Highlighting childhood as a special moment of existence, Allan Kardec published an article in The Spiritist Review, in February 1859: “The spirits only get into the corporeal life for their improvement, their betterment; the weakness of childhood makes them flexible, accessible to the advices of experience, from those in charge of their advancement. It is in that period that their character may be re-formed, by the repression of their bad inclinations”


All of us, educators and parents, are the ones who must offer the resources so that these spirits can evolve morally.

Factory of​ Ideas

The Factory of Ideas offers to the Spiritist Educator more than just a passing on of knowledge or a simple memorization of content from a narrow minded program.


We should encourage critical thinking in children, contributing to the formation of socially active, engaged, and independent individuals, who can analyze real life problems and find alternatives to solve them.


Our first project is called the Parables Project. The purpose of this project is to work on the Parables by building a model, in a collaborative work between the education and children. For each parable worked on, a scale model will be built, making the teachings come alive and stimulating the children’s creativity.

Love in​ Action

For us, Spiritist Educators, it has always been important to find ways  for children, living in diverse cultures, to get to know and be sensitized by realities different from those they are used to, and to awaken them to the importance of the practice of good.  


When we do good, regardless of our beliefs, the first ones to benefit from it are us. We feel an incredible peace that no money in the world, no social position, can give us. We feel the dawn of happiness, we feel the sacred spark of love vibrating inside us. We can all do good. Give, listen, welcome, support, share, do, cherish, pray. 


Our goal  in this section is to offer ideas for projects to be carried out with children in order to promote these ideas.




Jogos e Dinâmicas




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