Gospel in the Home

Acquiring healthy habits toward goodness requires courage and perseverance. Nowadays, having the family together for a few minutes is not an easy task. Several technological tools such as cell phones, television, and the Internet, which are here with the purpose of facilitating communication and closeness, have become, without  us realizing,  elements of separation, promoting the isolation of people who are so close to us.

The Gospel at Home helps us to bring the family together, at least once a week, in order to become familiar and study the teachings of Christ. It helps us with self-knowledge,  valuing Jesus as the Teacher, and to work on fraternal coexistence inside and outside the home. Visit our section to find out how to do the Gospel at Home in a pleasant and creative way.


The Little Seed Dorothea

Adapted text by Adriana Diniz  From the book Jesus in the Home  by Francisco Candido Xavier (Editor), Neio Lucio (Spirit) Story  #4 – “The Seed”   Once upon a time, there was a tiny seed named Dorothea. She was living


A Good Soil

The parable of the seed is one of the rare moments where Jesus himself clearly explained its meaning. As parents, how are we preparing the soil of our children’s hearts so that the seed of the good news will produce the best fruits?


Creative gospel at Home for Children

Bernadete F. Leal From the moment we wake up, we already have an agenda with what we plan for our day: places to go, chores to do, classes, meetings, outings, shopping, and we even find some time to watch our

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