“Let us not forget that the forest has risen from almost invisible seeds, that the river is formed from the small springs and that the light of Heaven, in ourselves, begins with the little rays of love that radiate from our hearts.”


(Book Charity, Francisco Candido Xavier)

International Spiritist Youth - Registrations Open!

Our working areas


Considering that education is one of the most important areas for the formation of a better society and access to quality education is a right of children and young people, it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure this education through the continued learning of Spiritist educators. 

Here you will find support for continuing education, extending to diverse cultures.


Family is the first society in which we live together and the basis for the formation of any individual. It is in family life that we learn from each other how to respect, share, have commitment, discipline, and manage conflicts.

In this section, we will provide specific materials so that parents can find tools and support to meet the challenges of family life to live in harmony.


Youth is a phase of many choices, questionings, and doubts that can be decisive for life. Can Spiritism help so young people can find the support and answers that they frequently seek?

In this section, we have a special place for you, youngsters !

Join us and check it out!


Every Spiritist educator knows the importance of having good planning with a systematic pedagogical practice that helps organize your schedule, the resources needed for each activity or lesson, as well as the evaluation method.

Having a well-planned lesson is essential for all levels of teaching, isn’t it?

In this section, we will present suggestions for creative and dynamic projects to assist your planning.

Our goal is to meet the different needs of educators, parents, and youth.

Joining hearts

Network support

Exchanging ideas and experiences

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Sembradores Team

We are a group of Spiritist educators from various countries who, seeking to meet the needs of educators, parents, and youth, decided to create this virtual Support Group aiming to offer the Spiritist Movement resources to promote the study, practice, and dissemination of Spiritist Teachings to children, youth, and families.


"There is an element that has not been sufficiently pondered, but without which economic science is nothing more than theory: education; not intellectual education but moral education (…).”

Allan Kardec | The Spiritist Book | Question 685.a – comments
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