Family is a divine institution, with planning that precedes this physical life, and that has as its objective the spiritual growth of all its members.

According to Emmanuel,
“in the family institution we have an organization of divine origin, in whose bosom we find the necessary instruments for our own improvement for the edification of the Better World”. Family, a divine nucleus that aims at the spiritual growth of its members and a planning that precedes this physical life.

"Of all the social institutes existing on Earth, family is the most important, from the standpoint of moral foundations that govern life."

- Emmanuel - Life and Sex

Family & Spiritism

The family, nowadays, demands from us attitudes of renunciation and dedication. In this section, we will try to present topics that allow us to extend love and forgiveness to all those who share the four walls of our home.


“The educational establishments, properly of the world, can instruct, but only the institute of the family can educate. It is for this reason that the university can make the citizen, but only the home can edify the man.” Emmanuel 

(The Consoler – question 110)

Gospel at Home

The Gospel at Home is a family meeting, under the support of Jesus, to reflect on His teachings. Visit our section and find out how to do the Gospel at Home with children in a pleasant and creative way.

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Family, A Peace Model

Vivir en un mundo pacífico, con paz en nuestros hogares, familias y relaciones, es un deseo compartido por muchos que requiere esfuerzo y paciencia. La familia es la cuna en la cual la paz debe de ser practicada y cultivada,


The Little Seed Dorothea

Adapted text by Adriana Diniz  From the book Jesus in the Home  by Francisco Candido Xavier (Editor), Neio Lucio (Spirit) Story  #4 – “The Seed”   Once upon a time, there was a tiny seed named Dorothea. She was living

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