The role of the educator is of fundamental importance in Spiritist Education for Children and Youth. He is the emulating energy pole that creates the ideal environment for the work. His words, actions, thoughts, and feelings are essential in the educational process. The educator is the one who provides the appropriate activities for children to interact with the physical and spiritual realm, and experience activities that can help them to build theirown future.

But what  should the educator  continuing  learning look like? How to write a practical, creative, and relevant lesson plan?

In this section, you will find resources that will help you to become a better educator.

Spiritist Education

Together we will study the education proposals offered by Spiritism, not only because its founder, Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail ((1804-1869), later known as Allan Kardec was a great French educator, following the footsteps of his master Pestalozzi. But because the basis of the spiritist philosophy is that of educating the spirit.

Teaching Methodology

Teaching methodology are ways of organising classes to optimise them. It is the pathway to follow to internalise all previous learning. We offer, as a suggestion, some strategies, techniques, and activities aimed at different teaching situations aimed at chilren, youths, and family

Last posts published for Educators

Anália Franco

This article presents some of the most beautiful and extraordinary work of this remarkable Brazilian woman, dedicated to educating and instructing the less privileged people.

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Embryology in the Light of Spiritism

Embryology is the study of the formation and development of an embryo and fetus according to science, yet the process of incarnation remains a mystery. Spiritism is here to help us unfold and peel back the veil a little bit to help us understand this intricate process. Join us as we gain more insight into this topic!

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Eurípedes Barsanulfo

Eurípides Barsanulfo, self-taught educator, teaches us with his example of life how to serve humanity with infinite love and personal selflessness, through Education. Slandered, humiliated, misunderstood, many times, he remained firm in his proposal and brave in the face of adversity, showing with immense tenderness that only through the integral Education of the being, will humanity successfully achieve the objectives proposed for the Third Millennium.

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Cecília Rocha

“The Children’s Spiritist Education will undoubtedly contribute to the formation of a world in which fraternity will no longer be an ideal to be achieved, but will become a constant reality in the relationship between individuals and people. Is there a better program than this?” Cecilia Rocha

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