Lili Rojas

Bogotá, Colombia

Translated by Bernadete F. Leal


      The passage through one more incarnation is the divine promise that God gave us, in which  progress is the path that leads us to the goal of our creation: “HAPPINESS”.


      Serving, in one way or another, in a Spiritist Center so people with  different spiritual experiences are instructed in their reason to learn what their spirits need to think and act morally following Christian values, is a valuable opportunity of redemption for those of us who call ourselves Spiritist Educators.

      It is in the Christian values, which we spread, where this instruction is transformed into education that shapes our spirit and prepares it to face one of its greatest challenges, ITS MORAL TRANSFORMATION.


      Some of us do not believe we are sufficiently prepared for this task, but then we find ourselves affirming that if we have such an important role for our humanity in this lifetime, it is because both educators and learners will be supported by the spiritual world for the MUTUAL PROGRESS that awaits them. Anyone who is reading this, and is an incarnated spiritual teacher in a spiritist classroom, knows that the first one who is educated with each class preparation is the same one who plans it: the “EDUCATOR”.


      Different experiences are added in each of the classes where many times we affirm that those who really teach us are the children and the youth, and we can find the true perfection of everything created, because everyone on earth has something to learn or offer.


Many of us look forward to teaching a Spiritist class, ignoring that we strongly asked for it before incarnating, while others still wonder in which moment there was sufficient quality in them to delegate this task. Saying that we only do it as a hobby would be to not believe that what we are doing is good for us and the children we teach and hear us. We are the educators who need these lessons the most, which  we will repeat over and over until our soul finds it as the only guide that will help to cast away our weaknesses.

      The spiritist educator becomes better day by day by committing himself in his moral improvement, self-education, and in the arduous commitment of this task. As a consequence, he daily connects with his spiritual guide having the confidence that what he does is as important as what the apostles did in the past spreading the gospel of Jesus and detaching from vanity.


The spiritist educator feeds his soul with each lesson and appeases emotions that are not useful for his progress, through the constant enthusiasm of the planning of his lesson, without immediately realizing  that it is the safest way to get rid of what no longer suits him as an imperfect spirit.


      Could we call it a “hobby”? No, but it is a life choice that teaches that, if we do not recognize it at this moment, we will glimpse it in the future when we meet the ones who, together, we encouraged their spiritual awakening.


      Do you recall your first day in front of the little ones and youth who listened attentively and enthusiastically to your lessons, enjoying your activities, and left with a smile on their faces?

      Keep those memories, which really make the difference of our previous existences and where we can encourage ourselves to continue with commitment, responsibility, and joy with the opportunity that was granted to us now, not by chance, as we well know, but by a causality that believes us worthy of receiving the support in a classroom.


      If you currently have committed yourself to the task of educating children’s souls, your soul is definitely working on conquering patience, tolerance, and above all love, valuable virtues that will become treasures.

      Congratulations for the great task of educating children and youth who are eager to start a new existence with opportunities for success, and with your help, as a spiritist educator, they will surely be able to achieve it. Your care and dedication will sow in their hearts feelings of kindness and love for others.

      Our thanks to those who work in this task, because their contribution to the progress of humanity will be remarkable, as we hope that their work will always be inspired and protected by the spiritual guides, and their example will become the most understood lesson for all.


      And let us remember Kardec’s words, in The Spirits’ Book, Q.917, as a commentary to a communication dictated by Fenelon:


“Moreover,  we  cannot  reach  that  point  unless  we  attack  the  evil  

at  its  roots;  that  is,  through  education.  Not  the  education  that  

aims only to educate people, however; rather, the education that 

also  aims  to  make  them  moral  individuals.”

Lili Rojas is a Spiritist, author of the book Lecciones Infantiles del Evangelio según el Espiritismo, founder and president of the Spiritist Institution Fundación Nuestro Hogar, located in a vulnerable south area of Bogotá, which focus on Spiritist education for children and youth.

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