Darcy Neves Moreira

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


The Spiritual Mentor Joanna de Angelis in the introduction of the book “À Luz do Espiritismo”, with messages by Vianna de Carvalho, tells us that: “À Luz do Espiritismo” problems are equated, ideas are clarified, new concepts emerge, and so many others that allow us a different look at life and daily events. How many situations, seen through the eyes of Spiritism, become clearer. 


This week echoed in the newspapers of Luanda, a municipality in Viana, Africa, a news story about a baby just one month and twenty days old who created astonishment by having pronounced words such as mama and priest, in the dialect of the region. Some say it is marvelous, extraordinary, and others express fear or curiosity. The local priest says: Let’s bless this child because he is an extraordinary case and asks you to accompany him to see his future! The mother fled to another location in fear that harm would come to her.


This is a situation that we can examine from a Spiritist point of view. This is certainly not the only case, but it draws the population’s attention by the unusual fact that such a baby behaves this way. How to understand? Looking for the liberating contents of the Spiritist Teachings we understand that the baby, far from being someone who starts the journey in this life as a blank sheet of paper, is someone who returns to the corporeal experience to continue the process of spiritual growth not only with himself but opening spaces for the growth of the community that will act.


The case reported above, which took place in a small village, is reminiscent of the accounts of children who at an early age tell details of their past lives. This is being confirmed by research such as that of Dr. Yan Stevenson, in his book  Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, with the verification of the veracity of the information that the children provided.


Each child that is reborn is someone, who returns to the bodily experience bringing a program to be executed that concerns his spiritual trajectory.  


Hermínio Miranda in his book “Nossos filhos são espíritos”, clarifies that each being is unique, brings accumulated baggage of experiences, and is reborn on this Earth to grow. Hence, the need for those who serve as their guides – their parents and guardians – to assimilate the contents of the Spiritist Teachings in order to help and support these beings who, appearing to be innocent, carry the characteristics of their own spiritual heritage.


In “Antes e depois do berço” – the book we are launching now, we searched the Spiritist Teachings works for contents about this phase of the spirit’s life, in order to help fathers, mothers, grandparents, guardians, and children’s Spiritist educators in the complex and divine task of the spirit’s education. Through questions I ask about details that have been researched since disincarnation (before the birth), the preparation of the soul on the spiritual plane for the return and arrival with the new body, I try to answer, with the help of the works cited in the book, the extensive work of the spirituality until reincarnation.


In reality, we conclude that every child and youth in the world is a promise that God sends to structure new humanity, with its eyes on the becoming, passing through the Earth seeking to enrich itself and to enrich those who are still in the rearguard of the spiritual evolution path. 


They stand out for their innate ideas and the desire for good that is encouraged by educators from an early age. If we understand them as more advanced spirits who arrive “wrapped up” in such tenuous little bodies, we understand that our mission with these beings is of great relevance, even more so with those who present themselves with imperfections of all kinds. 


These marks, which translate into great pain, cry out to all of us to strive in finding spiritual resources to alleviate their pain. 


It is essential that they receive the investment of the Gospel in their souls so that they can overcome the limitations imposed by physical disabilities that are nothing more than a reflection of the seeds planted badly in centuries lost in time, but that the kindness of the Lord allows us to meet again for a new direction!


Let us greet our dear friends in any phase of life, committing ourselves to participate in the task of “mediators” of the phalanxes of Good that work in the reincarnation program and in the support of the souls that come to Earth! 


Darcy Neves Moreira she’s an educator with degrees in Social Work and Pedagogy and a member of the collegiate board of CEERJ – Conselho Espírita do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

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