By Bernadete F. Leal


Objective: Children and teenagers will become acquainted with people who are disabled, marginalized, and suffer prejudice in society.


Age:  7+


Description: Participants will interview a person with a disability or who suffers prejudice in society, feeling excluded or treated with disrespect.


Support:  Young children may need support from educators and parents. This is a project that can involve the whole family. 

Interviewee (Suggestion):


  1. Children: Interview a person with a physical disability or elderly.

  2. Teenagers: Interview a person with a physical disability, elderly, from a different culture, gay, a different race, a friend who suffers prejudice, etc *Teens can do the interview in pairs.



  1. Introduce the interviewee – Just the first name and some details about him/her.

  2. Type of disability/prejudice and when it started

  3. What challenges have you faced because of the disability or the prejudice/treatment you suffer?

  4. Do you have someone who helps and supports you? How do you feel about the help?

  5. How has this disability or prejudice changed your way of thinking or changed you?

  6. What message would you like to get across to people?





Participants can present their interview:

  • Orally

  • Poster

  • Powerpoint

  • Video

  • Other

*You may invite the parent on the day of his/her child’s presentation.

* 1 -3 presentations per day are recommended.



All participants will create together one mural with phrases and important messages from the interviewees that will be placed in the Spiritist Center or classroom. Add photos, if possible, and short phrases from the Spiritist Codification related to the theme.


A suggested title for the Mural: WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

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