Luciana Medeiros

Many of us have experienced in some way or another the Gospel of Jesus. A biblical passage or a phrase mentioned by Him. However, when we go through difficult moments in life surrounded by many questions and few answers, it is usually at that moment, in the silence of our souls, that we stop to listen to the voice of the Divine Teacher and His words echoing through our thoughts and heart.

Jesus uses various ways to talk to us. When we gather in our home, under the light of His teachings and edifying studies, He meets us and makes Himself clearly heard. He helps to improve the home environment and the mental vibration of those who live there.

The Doctor of the souls listens to us. He knows our struggles, dilemmas, shortcomings, and respects our choices. That is why he seeks to awaken our discernment, encourage self-knowledge, enlighten our conscience, and strengthen our faith. He accepts us as we are, spiritual children, and He works tirelessly so that we grow when facing life’s trials and God’s will without getting discouraged on the journey.

Jesus, one of the divine representatives of the universe, presides over the earth from its creation to its future. Knowing this, we can ask ourselves “What plans does He have in God’s name?” “What are His major concerns about the fate of the earth, the nations, and all its inhabitants?” We would certainly be able to answer those questions, if we learned how to listen to Him and practiced His gospel. However, how can we do this without his physical presence? Without the sound of his voice? These answers would be on our minds if we didn’t have Christ as the model, His lessons and way of living. He valued every opportunity to address and help each person with his teachings, which are now part of history, as told by the spirits through Spiritism.

Christ was ahead of his time. For us, we may see only the transformation of a person towards goodness after being touched by His Gospel, but for Jesus, he was able to see the moral transformation of the whole humanity! The Divine Teacher knew the importance of family as the foundation in the formation of an individual who can influence the society, as seen in many philosophical discussions, spreading His teachings of love and the future life, going beyond Galilee and the time he lived among us.

It is for this reason that we must take the time to educate ourselves and our homes spiritually, because what we learn at home influences the world around us, a world that is changing towards a world of regeneration. If we want a better world surrounded by goodness and love, then how can we stay “the same” in our homes, indulging in selfishness and pride, which are strong values we see in our society nowadays?

God provides every day what we need for our spiritual evolution: a home, a family, health, a society. Just the way it is. However, it is up to us to know how to use what is offered to evolve. Jesus is our guide, the spiritual bread given to us to nourish our souls and conscience, giving us courage and resignation through His example of love to keep us going.

Inspired by the text “O Culto Cristão no Lar”, by Neio Lúcio, psychographed by Francisco Candido Xavier
Book: Jesus in the Home by Neio Lucio

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