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Poem: Needed

Necesario Autor: Bernadete F. Leal Hola, llegué de la escuela No tengo tiempo para tí Todo bien Voy a ver TV En tu teléfono móvil

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The melancholy

Luciana MedeirosBrazil   Joy, sadness, apathy, curiosity… what are you feeling now? When our feelings get mixed up and confused, there can be many influences.

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True Education is Always an Act of Love

Do you know the difference between instruction and education? How can we be inspired by the divine examples of Jesus, to transform our behavior into educational and loving attitudes?
In this article, educator Alba Leonor will help us discover the answers to these questions and how the renovating proposal of Spiritism brings us closer to Love, as a divine and educational essence, which will promote the moral and intellectual transformation of humanity.

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The Influence of Moral Education

When a child is raised with love and moral values, he transforms himself and the environment in which he lives. Let us reflect on the importance of planting and watering good seeds daily for our children.

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Living with Someone with Depression

Living with someone who has depression is not easy. This testimony brings us hope, reminding us that the Spiritist Teachings give us strength in difficult times of life and that we are certainly not alone. Everything passes!

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Between Four Walls

What are the limits between respecting the privacy of children and the eventual need for a firm loving approach and direction? In the following article, we will see how the Spiritist philosophy reinforces the importance of the parents’ role in the moral evolution of their children.

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The Spiritist View on Depression

Depression is considered for humanity one of the afflictions of the present millennium, generated or triggered by several causes, usually of no apparent origin in the present existence. Let’s learn more about the Spiritist vision on depression.

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