Consanguineous family is the field of light of the soul, within which only those who develop their patience, sacrifice, and goodwill may succeed.

From time to time, love brings us together, throughout life, reviving the seeds of our destiny.

Usually, we do not meet the friendly souls who have already departed to higher spiritual planes, worthily surrounded by winners, but we do encounter the ones, who carry disaffections from the past, to restore the threads of brotherhood, indispensable for the purification of our soul in the journey through our reflections in life.

Often, either as parents and children, spouse or relatives, we are nothing more than debtors in the rescue of old commitments.

If you are a parent, do not abandon your children to the evolutionary processes of animal nature, as if they are less worthy of attention than your plants at home.

The child is a “spiritual field” that grows what he learns, invariably, according to the sowing received.

If you are a child, do not neglect your parents, abandoning them and ignoring their hearts, as if they were at odds with your lifting ideals and sense of superiority, because one day you will also need the understanding of others to perfect yourself in the areas less evolved and ignored.

The person you see in the casual existence is the mirror of your own future on Earth.

Learn to use kindness, in intensive doses, adjusting it to understanding, and vigilance so that your family experience does not fade without the benefits of a path to be followed.

Those who do not help a few are not ready to help many.

The individual who does not tolerate the small domestic disappointments, dealing with sacrifices with spontaneity and joy, for the benefit of the companion in hand or at home, will in vain be able to save others and situations that he himself does not know.

Cultivate constant work, opportune silence, healthy generosity, and you will earn the respect of others without which no one can leave the world having inner peace.

If you do not practice communion with Jesus in your family group or alone, do not delay in seeking His company, inspiration, and guidance.

Do not waste the treasure of hours in unproductive or destructive complaints.

Try to understand and help every person at home, so that everyone at home understands and helps you in your daily struggle as much as possible.

Home is the harbor where the soul retreats to the open sea of the world, and he who does not carry in his heart the ballast of experience will hardly escape partial or total shipwreck.

Seek peace with others or alone. Remember that every day is a day to start..

Medium Francisco Cândido Xavier

Extracted from the book Familia

Chapter I

Translated by Bernadete F. Leal


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