Adriana Diniz Campos

…because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.”

Matthew 13.13


     When we receive the blessing of being parents, we are receiving from God one of His most precious possessions – His children – with the mission to take care of them and help them in their evolutionary journey, so that they can develop their virtues and correct their vices. According to question 208 in The Spirits’ Book, if we fail in our task, we will be held responsible.

     Children grow up too fast, adolescence flies by and in the blink of an eye they are already adults. Therefore, we cannot miss any opportunity to sow and educate, through our example and Jesus’ teachings.

     In the adult phase, although we will continue to be their educators, we will already be able to observe the fruits of our sowing or the lack of it.

     Our children give us clear signs of the good or bad inclinations they bring from other reincarnation experiences. If we pay attention to the signs and make use of the light of the lamp, it is possible to perceive, from the womb, who is the spirit that God has entrusted to us.

     When on the adventure of rediscovering the world, the reactions to situations, or the lack of them, tell us a lot about who they are.

     Love will always be the key. “Let your yes be yes and your no be no,” at the right time and in the right way is indispensable for leading the children on the path to goodness.

     Sowing is the stage of childhood, in which the spirit is most prone to absorb the teachings of Jesus. Many fathers and mothers spend a large part of the day with their children, but their eyes remain closed because their priorities are different. It is not enough to be there, one must be present.

     As Saint Augustin taught us, in his message “The Children’s Ingratitude and Family Ties” from the Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 14, item 9,  “Do as the good gardener does: cut off all harmful shoots as soon as they appear on the tree. If you allow selfishness and pride to develop, do not be surprised if later on you are paid back by ingratitude…”

     It takes eyes to see and ears to hear. But, be careful not to invade your children’s lives. Being in our children’s lives is not invading their privacy without respect and loving dialog.

     A continuous, respectful, and loving dialogue is fundamental and has to be cultivated from childhood so that in adolescence it becomes a natural process in the family. 

“Oh! Spiritists! You must understand the great part that humanity has to play! You must understand that when a body is produced the soul which incarnates in it has come from space in order to progress. So acquaint yourselves with your duty and then put all your love into bringing this soul nearer to God. This is the mission with which you have been entrusted and for which you will receive just recompense if you fulfill your trust faithfully. The care and education given by you to this child will help in its improvement and future well-being. Remember that God will ask every mother and father: “What have you done with the child which was entrusted to you?     

Saint Augustin. (Paris, 1862.)

The Gospel According to Spiritism – Chap. XIV – Item 9



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