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According to the Webster Dictionary, duty is a conduct due to parents and superior, a moral or legal obligation.  When looking at a parents’ job, we could list several of their duties, for instance: guiding, educating, caring, supporting, providing, and protecting their child. Those jobs may be overwhelming or feel like a heavy burden on a parent’s shoulders at times. You are not alone. When you feel that way, having spiritual awareness about the importance of parental duties and prayer help to deal with those difficult moments. 

Questions 385 of The Spirits’ Book explains about the parental duty,  “Spirits only enter incarnate life in order to improve, to grow. The tender nature of the young makes them more pliable, more open to the advice of individuals whose experience can aid their progress. In this way, tendencies toward  wrong-doing are redirected and faulty characters are gradually reformed. God entrusts this moral modelling to the parents as a duty, as a sacred mission of which they will have to give a solemn account.”

Parenthood is not an easy task, many can agree with that, but if we look back in our lives, we can see that we have survived many storms. God has given us what we need to handle challenges in life, as a parent or not. We do have a power within ourselves, even though we may not feel it once in a while. The apostle Paul in his second letter to Timothy reminds us, ” for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.” (2 tim. 1:7)

The Spiritist Philosophy teaches parents about family ties, reincarnation, understanding about pain and suffering, and many other subjects that enlighten and educate the spirit and mind. The education of the spirit is essential for a positive and loving parent-child relationship. It clarifies questions, answers philosophical questions, and elucidates the blessings of incarnating in a certain place and family.  Plus, this relationship is based on love, which is the driving force for a true transformation of the character in a family. 

Question 681 of The Spirits’ Book says, “(…) God has created filial and paternal affection, so that family members may be naturally led to mutually help each other – a duty that is too often lost in the world today.” A parent has also a duty to lead their children in their spiritual and moral growth. But in order to do that, a parent, first, needs to reflect on his own spiritual and moral progress. This is a duty that he should act upon himself, too.

 If we ask parents what they want for their children, they will probably say, “I want my child to be happy and what is best for them.” But just wanting what is best for a child is not enough.  A parent needs to move and act in order to achieve that result. Parents have a duty to positively influence and build a good future for their children; a future in the present life and that will extend to future reincarnations.  

Question208 of The Spirits’ Book calls our attention to the influence of parents on their children.

“Do the spirits of parents influence the spirit of their child after its birth?” and the spirits answered, “They have a very great influence. As we have already told you, spirits must assist one another’s progress. The parents have the mission of developing, through education, the spirits of their children. This is their appointed task, and they can’t fail to complete it without being held accountable.”  

Parents have many duties in their children’s lives and great power to transform the spirit. Every moment is precious and should not be wasted. So parents, as you wake up each morning, be thankful for the souls who have been assigned to you. Stop and take a few minutes to fulfill the emotional and spiritual parenting duties. Spend time with your children, listen, talk to them, be positive, play with them, support them, redirect the behavior when necessary, and remember to pray with your child. 

It’s easy to get entangled by the distractions of the material world, the pleasures and passions, social media, and our busy life schedule, but remember your duty as a parent; a duty that many  have committed in the spiritual world and even before your reincarnation. Your child is a spirit that has been sent to you so that you both can progress in love and knowledge.


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