Rosa Mª Pérez Duque

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could talk about the consequences and opportunities of Covid 19 as something from the past? Unfortunately, this is not the case, as we are still in the midst of it.

In a short period of time, we were able to see how it affected many aspects of our lives, in particular, families – the core of society, the axis of changes, and where the spirit primarily learns.

Overnight, our daily life was deeply affected. We had to confine ourselves to our homes, schools were closed, work on hold, most services ceased their activities, and cities were silenced.

Hospitals collapsed, the silence of the streets was only disturbed by ambulances and no-stopping vehicles responding to the tragedy.

The protagonists of society changed. New heroes found a place in our hearts. Teary-eyed anonymous people with unknown strength multiplied, unaware of what they were capable of doing till then. We began to look at the elderly with indescribable compassion and gathered all the emotional resources to survive such an abrupt upheaval.

The coexistence at home was an eye-opening reality.

For those with good and moral values, independent of their beliefs and socioeconomic status, despite the difficulties and opportunities to grow, the confinement was a test of strength, unity, and overcoming challenges.

But it was not the same for those whose families established their foundation on a materialistic way of living. The impact of being deprived of outside distractions, having to stay at home, dealing with an intimacy that was usually avoided, disturbed family relationships.

Faced with the possibility of nearby illness and death, people were scared, and as they experienced it, new approaches arose. But as everything is Divine Providence, fortunately, the awakening of consciences occurred in many homes where the imperative of health emergencies gave way to the true relationship, the human relationship.

There were reflections about the painful reality, different ways to be helpful to the neighbors, and to the one who was alone, a phone call, two, or three. Dusty board games came down off the shelves looking for creative ways for the little ones to entertain themselves in a daily therapy of playing games. Culinary adventures that came together in the preparation of unpublished recipes; families, united, on the balcony or window, looking at the world. And, above all, a thought of fear, a feeling of togetherness, an inevitable gaze to the sky. Never have we, who live today, felt such a need for God.

 We, spiritists, have a better understanding, if possible, of the answer given by the Spirits to question 5 asked by Kardec in The Spirits’ Book (1).

“What inference can be drawn from the innate perception possessed by all of humanity concerning God’s existence?

That God exists,”

If we could hear everyone’s hearts, we would know that most of them carried a request, asking for Your Protection.

The consequences of the pandemic, in well-structured families with spiritual values, have been positive by increasing their efforts, strengthening ties, and developing plans to undertake new horizons. More understanding is seen at homes where spiritist knowledge is applied in daily coexistence. The studies, the gospel at home, and the education of children and the youth about future life have allowed us to learn from the teachings of this pandemic and prepare each member of the family to be part of the regenerative transformation of our globe.

But let’s not forget the young ones who live in different environments and circumstances.

Unicef has reported the months that have been very difficult for children and adolescents, especially during confinement(2). People who lived in poverty, abandoned migrant minors, people with disabilities, victims of violence, and members of unstable families have seen their problems increase. Unicef Spain reminds us that it is essential to put their specific needs first so that their rights are guaranteed, both at the health crisis and reconstruction and recovery levels.

Authorities have detected a clear increase in problems in the school year. For parents who worked at home, there were difficulties with relationships that translated into greater stress creating a bad family environment, which ended up affecting the children.

Similarly, problems related to the scarcity of resources, such as difficulties in buying basic-need products, insufficient and unbalanced food sources, housing, and paying energy bills have also emerged. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, there were more than 400,000 households in Spain, with children or teenagers, with all their members unemployed. The lack of activity and relationships with the outside world increased tension and violence in families and its core of coexistence.

It is time for a global awakening to social needs. Covid-19 has already knocked on everyone’s door telling families in every home: Pay attention, be aware of what goes on in your homes and in the relationships, make contact with others, engage in dialogue, listen to each other! Furthermore, look at the rest of the world. You are part of it and they are your brothers and sisters who suffer human injustice, contempt, and are ignored! The times for change have come and this must start from within you, from your conviction.


It is essential to contribute to social progress, equity, and the dissemination of the Spiritist teachings by being the example because they are the foundation of the transformation of the family and, consequently of humanity. We learned to value each person’s potential and the power of teamwork. Within the home, we saw the need to talk about death as a natural fact, a spiritual search was awakened, and prayer, now more than ever, came from the heart.

As it is mentioned in the Gospel according to Spiritism, we will work in these times of change, united for a better world (3) :

 […] Because from the progress already accomplished you easily infer future progress, and from the social improvements that have been gained, new and more fertile improvements.


(1) Kardec, Allan. The Spirits’ Book


(3) Kardec, Allan. The Gospel According to Spiritism. Chap.V. item. 20

Translated by Bernadete F. Leal.

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