Ana Tereza Camasmie



“Love greatly so as to be greatly loved”

(Sanson,1863, GAS, chap. XI)


A couple’s relationship is one of the most challenging of the affective commitments we make here on Earth. And although it presents itself like on this evolutionary level we are at, we still want to relate, find a person to face life together, build a family, have children. We are exactly like that, growing spirits, in need of affection and profoundly gregarious. 


We want a loving relationship with someone significant, who brings something that makes us great, and who also has the opportunity to offer what makes the other grow. As Emmanuel says, the union of two beings implies trust and mutual assistance. 


However, living together is a challenging experience for several reasons. Firstly, because it is a relationship that is not based on consanguinity. In other words, it starts without the guarantees that biology gives us, which, on the one hand, can bring a good degree of freedom to all of us, on the other, it invites us to make a constant effort to sustain this choice every day. Secondly, from this union that is given by choice, the children arrive, who hereditary carry within them the strength of the past and the promises of the future, taking life forward. And in this continuous cycle, the Law of Progress is being fulfilled, bringing the possibility of renewal and rescue to all of us. 


As we can see, the Spiritist perspective of love is closely linked to the proposal of moral development. As long as there is someone who suffers from a mistake of ours and vice versa, we will not feel at peace. We are invited by Divine Providence to take care of our planting in order to harvest sweet fruits to be shared with our brothers wherever we are. 


There is always a chance for us to retrace the wrong doings, just as there is a huge field of action waiting for new sowing. None of us are eternally guilty, nor are we innocent in our trials. We are reborn in environments of intense affinity with each other in order to move towards the best we can be with them. 


Therefore, the relationship as a couple, where everything begins for the arrival of each one of us, is of paramount importance for the construction of the great family called Humanity. Taking care of this beginning can make a big difference in the face of the challenges that every family has to face. 


And it is here that love manifests itself in the form of companionship, where, even if there are natural mistakes in our growth process, we can all give ourselves continuous chances to start over. We are all apprentices of love, we are all in need of affection, so let us love a lot, so that we can be loved as each one of us needs and as children of God. 


¹ Emmanuel, psicografia de F.C. Xavier. Vida e Sexo, capítulo 7. RJ: FEB, 1998.



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