The Spiritist Philosophy teaches us the crucial importance of the childhood period for the development of the reincarnating Spirit, since it is in this period that the cognitive plasticity is greater than the shaping of the child’s personality as an individual part of society.


Before the little ones


The child is a spiritual edification of those responsible for them.


There is no child – not one – who does not ask for love and help, education and understanding.


Each little one, although usually an adult spirit, has an extremely sensitive brain due to the fact that they are beginning the work of reincarnation again, and therefore becomes a strict observer of everything you say and do.


The child mind will give us back in the future whatever we give them now.


Every child is a spiritual world under construction or reconstruction, requesting worthy material in order to consolidate itself.


Help today’s kids to think right by talking to them, within the norms of respect and sincerity that you expect from others in relation to you.


The child is a special chapter in your everyday book.


Don’t try to transfigure your little children into love-guarded bibelots, because they are eternal spirits, as are we, and the day will come when they will shatter before you any ties of illusion.


If you encounter a brat with rude manners or an unseemly upbringing, don’t criticize them, recognizing that the service of re-educating them belongs in essence to the parents or guardians, and not to you.


If you have suffered any damage at home, due to the depredations of naughty little ones, forget about it, reflecting on the love and consideration you owe the adults who are responsible for them.


André Luiz

Psychography by Francisco Cândido Xavier

Book Green Light – Ch. 14

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