The Perfection of God’s Creation

By Edmara Almeida e Bernadete F. Leal


Clara was a curious and clever little girl. Her mother always taught her to pray when she woke up and went to sleep, asking God for protection and blessings.

One day, walking to school, Clara began to think about God. Her mother spoke to her about God daily, and she was curious to learn more about what He was like and where He was.

 At that exact moment, she heard a bird singing, a dog barking, and saw a cat coming out of his neighbor’s house. How were these animals created? I’ve seen a house built in front of the school and a table made by Dad, but I’ve never seen a little animal made! What would that be like? She wondered.

Then she looked at the mango tree at the end of the street. How was this tree made and gives us such delicious fruit to eat? And she continued to wonder how things were created.

She looked at her foot and saw her little toes, hands, nails, and legs. Wow, my body is really important. It helps me to walk, to stand, to hold things. It works so well, even without me realizing it. How is this possible? Who created our bodies this way?

Clara continued on her way to school. In P.E. class, she saw her friends running. How do our bones hold our legs together and make us run? Who made our bones? She thought.

At snack time, she observed her mouth eating and wondered.  How does my food get into my stomach and is digested without me having to tell it to? 

Clara continued her day thinking, and in the evening, after dinner, she asked her mother: 

“Mom, how were all these things created: the animals, the trees, our feet, our hands, our bones, our tongue, our throat?”

“Sweetie, everything in nature has its process of evolution. But have you noticed that everything is perfect? Have you seen how our bodies work? Our organs, the animals, and even the position of the planets are in perfect harmony?”

Clara’s mother paused and continued:

“Do you think a human being could have created all this with such


“Nope,” Clara replied. “Then, who is responsible for all this perfect creation?” 

“God, Clara.”

“Wow, so God is super smart, isn’t He, Mom?”

“Of course. God is supremely intelligent. What we see is the effect

of His creation. And since every effect has a cause, God is the cause, the Creator of all these beauties that surround us and that we are part of.”

“I see. So, since God is perfect, He creates perfect things, right?

“Yes. Just look around and realize that God is great, 

intelligent, and good because He created amazing things we could never make. He gave it all to us as a gift, and do you know why?”

“No, Mom, why?”

“Because we are His children. God has given us all the best: nature, trees, birds, animals, the waters of the sea and rivers, our bodies, and many other wonders!” 

“God is so good and shows how much he loves us, Mom!”

“Yes, love. So let’s give thanks every day for God’s gifts!”

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