Adapted text by Adriana Diniz

 From the book Jesus in the Home 

by Francisco Candido Xavier (Editor), Neio Lucio (Spirit)

Story  #4 – “The Seed”


Once upon a time, there was a tiny seed named Dorothea. She was living in the spiritual world and would reincarnate with the mission to become a beautiful fruit tree and bear good fruit for humanity.

Many of Dorothea’s friends would reincarnate with her, each with its own mission. Some would give flowers to embellish and brighten gardens, squares, and city beds. Many would provide shade, and others, like Dorothea, would give succulent and tasty fruits to feed people and animals.

All of them were being prepared to return to Earth, and they received lessons and advice from the guardian spirits.

Dorothea’s Spiritual Protector, noticing that she was apprehensive about the approaching of her birth, called her for a talk.

“What is the matter, my dear little seed? This should be a time of joy and not of apprehension,” asked her Spiritual Protector.

“I’m afraid. The earth is so dark, and I’m so tiny. Will I be able to grow and bear good fruit?” replied Dorothea.

 “Oh, dear,” said The Spiritual Protector, “there is no need to be afraid; we know it won’t be easy, and there will be difficulties, but they can all be overcome with courage, hard work, and willpower. Besides, you will never be alone, and you can count on the sunlight that will warm the earth, the nutrients made by the friendly worms, and the rainwater that will refresh you, quench your thirst, and help you grow.”

“Everything will depend on your attitude, your choices. When you get discouraged, remember that you are not alone. God will never abandon you.”

The conversation with her Spiritual Protector calmed Dorothea and made her more serene and happier. From that day onwards, Dorothea began to look forward to the day of her birth until the great day arrived and all the little seeds were sown in the earth.

When Dorothea woke up, she found herself in a great deal of darkness and very slowly began to move so that she could cross the Earth and grow.

She felt the sun’s warmth, the rain wetting her seed body, and ate the nutrients that strengthened her and made her roots grow strong and healthy.

But difficulties also appeared. Dorothea encountered boulders in the middle of the earth, thorns, and even some little bugs that wanted to eat her roots.

At that moment, she remembered the advice of her Spiritual Protector and continued not to let herself be discouraged, and little by little, she overcame all obstacles.

Until one beautiful spring day, she was able to sprout, was born from the earth, saw the daylight, and several other little plants. What a joy!

Suddenly, a thick snake appeared, crawling. It was a boa constrictor and passed over Dorothea, breaking her little branch. Still, she returned to the earth, recovered her strength, and grew happy to see sunlight again. Still, she wasn’t dazzled. She was smart and vigilant, so if another snake appeared, she would lie down on the earth and play dead until the snake passed.

Dorothea grew and grew and became a beautiful fruit tree – guess what fruit? (Give the children a fruit to try).

Dorothea lived many, many years, providing delicious fruits for humanity. Then, one day, at a very old age, she died and returned happily with her mission accomplished to the spiritual realm, waiting for a new opportunity.

Translated  by Juliana Lazzari

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