Plant for the Planet

God placed the whole nature of planet Earth in our hands. Have we made good use of this talent that has been entrusted to us? What kind of initiatives contribute to humanity fulfilling its duty to the environment?

“All destruction that exceeds the limits of necessity is a violation of the law of God. Animals only kill to satisfy their needs, but man, who possesses free will, destroys without need. He will be called to account for abusing the freedom that was granted to him because he yields to evil instincts in such instances”. The Spirit’s Book, question 735.


When we stop to look at the reality in which we find ourselves, we see some numbers that frighten the most sensitive hearts. The rate of deforestation, the pollution of our world, the high temperature, the consequences of the greenhouse effect? Faced with this situation, what reflections can we make?

God, our wise and kind Father, created us and left us with all the tools we need to live. The technological and scientific development we have achieved as a human family has come about precisely through the observation of nature. Scientists, philosophers, researchers, and scholars are dedicated to learning about the most varied natural events and discover laws that govern the entire universe. And whoever gathers all this information will understand that, in this open-air laboratory, we see nothing but the Laws of the Creator expressing themselves in the material world.

In this way, considering the knowledge presented by the spirits, in question 735 of The Spirits’ Book, we perceive that humanity has a duty to fulfil. As incarnated spirits, we must look after the planet that hosts us, care for that which God entrusted to us and seek sustainable ways of living here, so that future generations, perhaps ourselves in our next existences, can have the best conditions to fulfil their reincarnation plans and be able to make a better world.

And, with all this in mind, our friends came from Switzerland  to present the “Plant for the Planet” project, which touched us very much by its simplicity, and whose purpose will be to encourage the planting of millions of trees all over our planet.

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