When Allan Kardec asked the Superior Spirits, in question 582 of the masterpiece, “The Spirits’ Book”, if parenthood can be considered a mission, the spirits answered: “There is no question that it is a mission. It is a serious duty, the responsibilities of which will exercise a much more significant impact on people’s future than a person might think.”

This topic is very appropriate for reflection in these moments of social reclusion.

The current conditions on Earth represent, in fact, a fraternal invitation from the Merciful Creator to the practice of love, at home and outside, and each one of us is called to develop the awareness of our individual and collective role in the great work of Creation.

"Of all the social institutes existing on Earth, family is the most important, from the standpoint of moral foundations that govern life."

- Emmanuel - Life and Sex

Family & Spiritism

In times of planetary transition, when we are “called upon” to think wisely about our tasks on this planet of transition, it is fundamental to understand, as mothers, fathers and families, that God is counting on us.

In this section we will try to present important topics for our reflection, seeking to find ways to overcome the challenges of family life.



In the comments to question 685.a, found in The Spirits’ Book, Allan Kardec clarifies the importance of education. It says: “There is one element of the question that has not been considered sufficiently and economics is just a theory without it: education. Not merely intellectual education, but moral education, which consists in the formation of character and habits, which human beings do not learn from books. Education is the sum of the habits acquired.”

This is why we should ask ourselves: What is the path that we are leading our children? On the path of becoming mischievous, cunning, taking advantage of others to succeed in life, or on the path of wisdom, so that they always use their intelligence and God-given talents for the good of others?


Gospel at Home

Acquiring healthy habits toward goodness requires courage and perseverance. Nowadays, having the family together for a few minutes is not an easy task. Several technological tools such as cell phones, television, and the Internet, which are here with the purpose of facilitating communication and closeness, have become, without  us realizing,  elements of separation, promoting the isolation of people who are so close to us.

The Gospel at Home helps us to bring the family together, at least once a week, in order to become familiar and study the teachings of Christ. It helps us with self-knowledge,  valuing Jesus as the Teacher, and to work on fraternal coexistence inside and outside the home. Visit our section to find out how to do the Gospel at Home in a pleasant and creative way.


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A Good Soil

The parable of the seed is one of the rare moments where Jesus himself clearly explained its meaning. As parents, how are we preparing the soil of our children’s hearts so that the seed of the good news will produce the best fruits?

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