Activity Skills: Speaking/Writing/Coloring

Ages: 7 -11 year olds

Objective: To get to know yourself; realize your own qualities 


  • Copies of the drawing of a flower (one per child)
  • Pencils, markers, colored pencils 



  1. Have children working with a partner, sitting facing each other
  2. Partners choose who is “A” or “B”.  Partner “A” has one minute to share with “B” what he/she likes most about him/herself. Then it is partner B’s turn.
  3. As a group, give to each child the drawing of the flower (Appendix 1).
  4. Instruct children to write their names on the center of the flower,  write their qualities/talents on each petal, and then color it.
  5. Make a display showing everyone’s flower.


Book: 30 Atividades de Educação Emocional e Intuitiva para pais e educadores, título original da dinâmica: “O que você mais gosta em você”; FOELKER, Rita;  Ed. Gil., Jundiaí, 2006 – ISBN 85-87548-11-5 (30 Emotional and Intuitive Education Activities for parents and educators, original activity title: “What you like best about yourself”)

Appendix 1:  Flower

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