“What is gratitude, Grandma?”  Sara asked her grandmother. This simple and educational story begins with a dialog in which Sara learns from her grandmother what gratitude is and why we are grateful to Jesus.


Edmara Almeida

  “What is gratitude, Grandma?”  asked Sara as they baked a cake together. “The Spiritist teacher at our center told us that we’re going to put on a play for Christmas about gratitude,” continued little Sara.

     “Why do you think she decided to put on a play about gratitude right at Christmas?” her grandmother asked lovingly and patiently. “What do we normally talk about at Christmas?”

     “We talked about Jesus, Grandma, of course. About Jesus’ birth and his birthday.”

     “So, what does Jesus have to do with gratitude, sweetie?” 

     “Well, Grandma, Jesus came to earth to teach us about doing good, loving people, and helping others. I don’t remember anything about gratitude in the story of Jesus’ birth.”

     “Really, Sara? Well, what does Jesus’ birth have to do with gratitude?”

     “I don’t know, Grandma.”

     “Well, when someone helps you, what do you say, Sara?”

     “Thank you, like the other day when Clara helped me with my math homework.”

     “And how did you feel when Clara helped you?”

     “Very happy, and I said she was my best friend!”

     “So this feeling you had for your friend is called gratitude. Do you understand now what gratitude is?”

     “Kind of, Grandma.”

     “Let’s go back to Christmas, grandma said. “Jesus was born to teach us many lessons, wasn’t he?”


     “So when someone teaches you, like your friend, Clara, what do you feel?”


     “Yes, Sara. Gratitude is the feeling of happiness we get when someone or something good makes us happy. Does Jesus make you happy?”

     “Yes. I’m very happy when I think of Jesus and thank him for helping me.”

     “So you feel gratitude for Jesus, love! I’m very grateful to Jesus for bringing me so many life teachings and caring for me. I love Jesus.”

     “I love Jesus too, Grandma, and I’m grateful for him. Now I understand what gratitude is,” Sara explained.  “And thank you, Grandma, for helping me make this delicious cake!”

     “My pleasure, sweetie! And thank you as well!”

     “I love you, Grandma!”

     “I love you too, Sara!”

     So, the wise lady lovingly taught her little granddaughter to be grateful for everyone who helps us, starting with Jesus.

     May our hearts always be filled with gratitude for God, Jesus, our guardian angels, and everyone and everything in our lives. Everything in our lives has God; when we are grateful, we also love. In fact, it has been proven that a feeling of gratitude generates better health, including physical health.

The End

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