By looking at the youth as an immortal spirit full of potential to be developed, needs to be met, having the seeds of creativity, idealism, and desire for transformation, we are aware of the importance of promoting practical, objective, and innovative actions that enable the youth to know himself, awakening his conscience to his spiritual reality, active and constructive potentialities wherever he is: in the family, in school life, in social networks.

Youth Team Section

International Spiritist Youth

In this section, we seek to offer to young people from different countries, a space for study, guidance, support, clarification, and exchange of experiences having the Spiritist Teachings codified by Allan Kardec as a guide, with the aim of helping them to develop their potentialities and to form good men.

Youth In Action

In order to encourage the youth’s participation in the organization and management of actions that promote the improvement of themselves, others, and the world, this space will make projects available to everyone.

When the youth becomes aware of their identity, they see themselves as active, independent, solidary, participative, and builders of their own destiny, they can establish themselves as volunteers, becoming citizens who offer their time, work, and skills for causes of social interest and the common good.



Coming soon!

This space offers, in a simple, direct, and creative way, available tools in Spiritist Teachings to understand the challenges of the present time and know how to deal with them.

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