You have built palaces that amaze the Earth; however, if you let me out in the open because I lack the resources to pay for lodging, it is possible that the cold night will freeze me.

You multiplied storehouses of fruits and cereals, guaranteeing your own treasures; however, if you refuse me a seat at the table, because I have no money to pay for the bread, I am afraid to starve to death.

You have built marvelous universities, but if you close the door of education on me, because I do not have a golden key, I fear embracing crime without noticing it.

You have created gigantic hospitals; however, if you do not defend me against the clutches of illness, because I do not present you a credit check, I will descend very early in the whirlwind of death.

You proclaim the good on the basis of evolution; however, if you have no patience with me, because I annoy you, I will probably still fall today into the trap of evil, like a bird unaware of the hunter’s snare.

You say that I am the future. Do not forsake the present.

You say that I am the hope of peace. Do not lead me to war.

You say that I am the promise of good. Do not trust me to evil.

I don’t just expect your bread. Give me light and understanding.

I don’t just ask for toys. I ask you for good examples and good words.

I’m not just a dry leaf rolling in the wind. I am someone who knocks on your door in the name of God.

In the name of God, who you say you love, have mercy on me! …

Teach me on work and humility, devotion and forgiveness.

Be compassionate to me and guide me towards what is good and just …

Help me today so I can help you tomorrow.

I don’t ask you as much as someone might ask you for my benefit …

I ask only the minimum of what you can give me so that I can live and learn.


By the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier and Waldo Vieira
From the book O Espirito de Verdade
Translated by the United States Spiritist Federation -2020

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