Family and Spiritism

In times of planetary transition, when we are “called upon” to think wisely about our tasks on this planet of transition, it is fundamental to understand, as mothers, fathers and families, that God is counting on us.

In this section we will try to present important topics for our reflection, seeking to find ways to overcome the challenges of family life.



Lorsque nous entrons dans une relation, nous nous attendons à ce qu’elle soit bénéfique pour notre vie et nous avons l’espoir de partager de bonnes choses avec l’autre personne pour le reste de notre vie, mais cela ne se produit pas toujours.Quand la relation devient-elle malsaine ? Comment relever ce défi ? Dans cet article, nous allons voir quelques points importants pour notre réflexion.



In this article we will see that it does not matter the formal side of the family, what structure it presents at this moment. What really matters is to take advantage of the learning opportunity that God offers us through the coexistence that can be of caring, joy with our affections, or future achievements with the disengaging of the moment.

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