by Bernadete F. Leal



  1. Sarah – Teenager or young adult in the house.
  2. Jesus – Visitor who appears at Sarah’s house.
  3. George – Sarah’s friend
  4. Person 1 – The person who covers Jesus with the veil.
  5. Poster Person – The child who comes with the poster showing time passing and speaking the closing message.

Sarah is sitting on a sofa in the living room of her house. The doorbell rings. She opens the door. A person looking like Jesus is holding a flower in his hands, and he keeps a smile on his face throughout the play. Sarah doesn’t recognize him.


SARAH: Hi. How can I help you? Are you selling flowers? Thank you, but I’m not interested.


Jesus, looking into Sarah’s eyes, offers her the flower, but she still doesn’t take it.


SARAH: Uhmm! Your face looks familiar. Have I seen you anywhere? Are you famous? Are you on Instagram? On youtube?


Jesus keeps looking at Sarah, smiling.


SARAH:  I know. Can I take a picture of you to ask some friends if anyone knows you?


Jesus nods his head, agreeing. Sarah takes a picture of Jesus and sends a message.


SARAH (typing and saying out loud): “Does anyone know this person?” (After a few seconds, Sara gets a response). I got a reply. (reading the message aloud) “He is Jesus!” Jesus? (trying to remember) Jesus??? JESUS!!!!! My God, are you Jesus, the Christ? That man from Nazareth? (Jesus nods his head). I can’t believe someone so famous is in my house!!! Please do come in. Let me take a selfie with you. My friends will be so jealous (Sarah takes a selfie with Jesus). There. I posted it. Imagine how many likes I will get with this picture. Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Feel at home. Would you like something to drink? A glass of water? (Jesus opens his mouth as if he is going to say something but is interrupted by the cell phone ringing). Sorry, it’s my friend. (looking at her phone) It’ll be quick, I promise. (She answers the phone, and Jesus smiles. Sara signals Jesus to sit down. He sits down serenely).


Sarah does not notice or interact with Person 1, who enters the scene and puts a thin veil on Jesus. As he covers Jesus, a bell is heard ringing. Jesus, under the veil, is holding a small flashlight toward his waist, illuminating his face to symbolize his light.


The Poster Person enters the scene with a sign showing to the audience saying: “One hour later,” and leaves the stage.


SARAH (hangs up the phone): Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry! It had been so long since I’d talked to my friend, and we had a lot of catching up. So, what were we talking about? Ah, I was going to get you something to drink. It was water, right?


Jesus nods his head in agreement. Then, as Sarah is about to get some water, the doorbell rings.


SARAH: Excuse me, I’ll quickly answer the door and then get your water. (Sarah opens the door) George!


GEORGE: Are you ready? We can’t be late for Claire’s surprise pizza party!


SARAH: I almost forgot it. I got distracted.


GEORGE: So, let’s go! The cab is waiting. You look great— no need to change. 


SARAH: Thank you! Let’s go! (Sarah grabs her purse and a sweater and walks to the door, but then she sees Jesus sitting down).  Oh man, I forgot I have a guest (pointing to Jesus). I can’t leave him here alone!


GEORGE: Then bring him!


SARAH (looking at Jesus with a disapproving face): For God’s sake, George! Look at his clothes! What is he wearing? A dress? And look at his sandals, dirty feet, and uncombed long hair! (disapproval face and gesture)


GEORGE: Don’t worry about it, Sarah! People will like him. They’ll think he’s a hippie!


SARAH: Oh, no!  I don’t want to be embarrassed. Imagine what my friends will say if they see me with him!!!


GEORGE: Okay. Then leave him here, and let’s go.


SARAH (talking to Jesus): Jesus, I’m sorry. I already had plans, and I have to go. I don’t have time for you right now. (As Sarah opens the door, she stops and turns to Jesus). Hey, do you like pizza? (Jesus smiles). I’ll bring you a slice. I promise! I’ll be back soon. Wait for me, okay?


Person 1 enters the scene and places a second veil covering Jesus. The bell rings. The Poster Person enters the stage with a sign that reads: “Five hours later…” and leaves the scene. Sarah arrives home, throws her purse and sweater on the floor, and lays down on the couch, tired.


SARAH: What a great party! I had so much fun, and the pizza was delicious! I’m tired now. I feel like taking a quick nap. (Sarah closes her eyes and sleeps.)


Person 1 enters the scene and places the third veil covering Jesus. The bell rings. The Poster Person enters the stage with a sign that reads: “One hour later…” and leaves the scene. Sarah wakes up, gets up, and grabs a snack and a glass of water. Then, she goes back to the living room and starts playing video games lying on the couch.


Person 1 enters the scene and covers Jesus with the fourth veil covering Jesus. The bell rings. The Poster Person enters the stage with a sign that reads: “45 minutes later…” and leaves the scene. The phone rings, and Sarah answers.


SARAH: Hello? Yes. It’s Sarah. What? My mom had a serious accident? She is having surgery now? Oh no! (Sarah hangs up and starts to cry.) My mother is in the hospital, and it is life-threatening. What if she dies? I don’t pay much attention to her. I’m always busy with my plans and friends, but I don’t want to lose her. (Sarah looks at Jesus and remembers his presence) Jesus! Are you still here?  I forgot you. I’m sorry. Help me! I don’t know what to do.


Person 1 enters the scene and slowly removes one veil covering Jesus.


SARAH: (Draws a little closer to Jesus) Jesus, help my mother so that she gets better. I don’t want to lose her. She’s always been a good mother. She has always taken good care of me ever since my father died. Only now, with the possibility of losing my mom, do I realize how much I love her and ignore her. Is it too late to change?


Person 1 enters the scene and slowly removes the second veil covering Jesus. 


Sarah gets closer to Jesus. She sits on the floor and puts her hand on Jesus’ hand.


SARAH: Jesus, give me strength, and I’m sorry for ignoring you, too. Sometimes I forget to thank for all the blessings in my life. And I don’t value your Love and my mother’s love.


Person 1 enters the scene and slowly removes the last veil that covered Jesus. 


Jesus looks at Sarah, crying. She puts her head in Jesus’ lap, and Jesus gently strokes her hair. Jesus stands up, takes Sarah by the hand, and helps her lie on the couch. He  covers her with a blanket. Sarah closes her eyes as Jesus lifts his eyes in prayer. He takes the flower he had when he arrived at the house. He kisses the flower, and places it beside Sarah. Then he kisses Sarah gently on the head and leaves the scene.


A few minutes later, the phone rings. Sarah wakes up.


SARAH: Hello? Yes. Is she out of surgery? Is she going to be okay? Oh, thank God, thank you! I’m on my way to the hospital. (hangs up the phone) Jesus?  Jesus? Good news! My mom will be okay. Thank you so much! (She looks around for Jesus). Jesus, where are you? Did you go away? Was it a dream? (Sara sees the flower on the ground. She picks it up, kisses it, and holds it lovingly close to her heart, smiling). 

(After a long pause looking at the flower)  No! It was not a dream!




POSTER PERSON (enters the scene): Jesus visits us every day. We often ignore him, are busy with our daily tasks and distractions, and only remember him in times of pain. Why? Have you remembered Jesus today? So, let’s remember His light and the flower of love that Jesus brings into our lives.


Suggestion: Give a flower to the audience with a message. It can be a natural flower, a paper flower, a drawing of a flower, etc. 



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