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The Importance of Music in Spiritist Education

Music, provided it is sublime, is a prayer that enraptures and ennobles the eternal spirit that we all are, allowing us to enter into close communion with the higher planes of spiritual expression.

According to Pestalozzi, “Rhythm is present in the child from within his own organism: the tempo of the heartbeats, the compassed rhythm of his walking, the swinging of his arms, etc. Everything around him speaks that the universe is involved in harmonious rhythm.”

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An Autistic person’s place is everywhere

The theme chosen to celebrate April 2, 2022, is “Autistic people’s place is everywhere,”; a statement that expresses the basic desire of those who deal with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) on a daily basis to ask for respect, acceptance, welcoming, and inclusion – the goal of all those who fight for the autism cause.

And, just like the whole society, we, Spiritist educators, need to adapt to this new reality and group of people, which is becoming increasingly present in our institutions.

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Being Good

Suzie, muy alterada tras una pelea con su amiga en la escuela, reflexiona, con la ayuda de su madre, sobre los atributos de Dios. Ella

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Children’s play – The Forgotten Jesus

Sarah, a young girl busy with the attractions of life, receives an unexpected visitor who, at first, she does not recognize. As she invites him in, she has no time for this person. Sarah gives more importance to her plans and distractions of the moment than to her guest. But something she was not expecting made Sarah reflect on her priorities. The guest is no longer ignored, and her life is transformed.

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