Author: Renan

Being Good

Suzie, muy alterada tras una pelea con su amiga en la escuela, reflexiona, con la ayuda de su madre, sobre los atributos de Dios. Ella

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Children’s play – The Forgotten Jesus

Sarah, a young girl busy with the attractions of life, receives an unexpected visitor who, at first, she does not recognize. As she invites him in, she has no time for this person. Sarah gives more importance to her plans and distractions of the moment than to her guest. But something she was not expecting made Sarah reflect on her priorities. The guest is no longer ignored, and her life is transformed.

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Before the little ones

The Spiritist Philosophy teaches us the crucial importance of the childhood period for the development of the reincarnating Spirit, since it is in this period that the cognitive plasticity is greater than the shaping of the child’s personality as an individual part of society.

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Meimei, pseudonym of Irma de Castro Rocha was a Brazilian educator and after passing away she manifested herself through Chico Xavier’s letters.

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Little Chico Xavier praying with his Mother

In a simple and illustrative way, this video tells a story of Francisco Xavier’s life, based on the book “Chico, O Menino Aluada”, where we learn we are never helpless and alone. The friendly spirits and the answer to our prayers always arrive at the right moment to help and give us strength when facingfe’s challenges.

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