Author: Mayara Tezoni

Activity: Seeds

Age group: 9+ Type of activity: Folding / Drawing / Cut & Paste Objective: To observe that our actions are seeds and that we reap

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True Education is Always an Act of Love

Do you know the difference between instruction and education? How can we be inspired by the divine examples of Jesus, to transform our behavior into educational and loving attitudes?
In this article, educator Alba Leonor will help us discover the answers to these questions and how the renovating proposal of Spiritism brings us closer to Love, as a divine and educational essence, which will promote the moral and intellectual transformation of humanity.

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Who is the Spiritist Educator?

Allan Kardec, one of the most extraordinary pedagogues ever known, since the beginning of Spiritism, tried to call attention to the beneficial effects that the
Spiritist teachings exert on the reincarnating spirit, especially in the childhood phase. Because of this, the spiritual educator has an essential role so that children can correctly assimilate the teachings.

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Anália Franco

This article presents some of the most beautiful and extraordinary work of this remarkable Brazilian woman, dedicated to educating and instructing the less privileged people.

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Crusade of Love

We present to our dear educators, the timely and beautiful message from Benedita Fernandes, psychographed by Divaldo Pereira Franco, which invites us to deep reflections.

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To be a Spiritist is to be inclusive

Inclusive education requires acknowledging every human being in their uniqueness. Inclusive education, surrounded by love and respect, are the seeds of spiritual living and cultivate human interiority, allowing the blossoming of the vision of uniqueness and diversity as a friend, where friendship has to do with closeness in loving the human, in each human being. However, inclusion goes far beyond being a purely educational term, but rather a social issue.

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