Age group: 9+

Type of activity: Folding / Drawing / Cut & Paste

Objective: To observe that our actions are seeds and that we reap their effects

Source: Educação Emocional e Intuitiva 2 – Rita Foelker,



  • Different types of seeds (e.g., sunflower, avocado, beans, fennel, local trees)

  • Brown or ceramic-colored folding paper squares (15 x 15 cm).

  • Pieces of thick cardboard and painting.

  • Scissors, glue, tape.



Bring several types of seeds to class.

Ask the children if they recognize any seeds and know what plant they will grow (If you can get pictures of these plants, match the seeds to the pictures).

In our lives, we are always planting. Establish a dialog about this. Our words and actions are seeds, and the fruits are the consequences. Can we think of some examples?

Ask each child to choose the seeds they want to plant in their lives. Teach the folding of the vase.


Now, let’s make the plant using cardboard and other materials. The seeds can be used for flower buds. Attach each plant to the inside of the vase using tape. Use the pots to decorate the room, or let the children take them home.

 For each seed or some seeds that the children choose, instruct them to think of something of moral and spiritual value that they would like to plant in their lives and see bloom. For example, love, compassion, joy, patience, etc.

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